Children's safety is of paramount importance. At Ysgubor Fach, we believe that our location, our policies and the security features we have included in the building make us a place where you can leave your child in full confidence they will be cared for. To see a full copy of our safety policy and practice, please use this button.

The highlights of our safety policy include:

  • We subscribe to a safe children policy in line with the all Wales child procedures of 2008 and the local safeguarding advice board. A copy of this policy is given to every child's parent on joining and can be seen at any time on demand.
  • The nursery itself is situated well away from the main road, which means that parents can safely drop off and collect their children. The car park is at the side of the main building to ensure there is no risk when coming in and out.
  • Children are supervised at all times with a minimum of two staff members whenever there is a child on the premises.
  • The building itself is secured with a push-button system, ensuring your child is safe at all times.
  • We keep a register of staff and children which can be checked at any time.
  • We have a full fire detection system,
  • We have policies and procedures on toy safety, dangerous materials, medicines and cleaning materials, hot drinks and non-smoking.


We will monitor care and produce a report annually. In this we will look at all areas of our services in detail to see where can make improvements. We will regularly ask our parents to fill in feedback forms Your input and ideas are vital to help us to continually improve our service. A copy of this report will be available to you and a copy will be sent to our inspectors at CSSIW. Our annual report will be available for you to view.

Healthy eating is a must for a growing child to help in their development and we will work with you to ensure that your child gets all that they need. Our kitchen has been inspected by passed by the Environmental Health Department

We will provide your child with a hot and healthy meal while they are with us. This will start nce they have reached the age of not having baby food. We will also be happy to prepare any baby foods or milk feeds you provide. We will also provide drinks and light snacks throughout the day.

child eating

We have a full range of activities planned for each day. These are followed in a relaxed manner due to the tender age of the children in our care. The idea behind this is to ensure that we cover the six areas of learning properly and that the activity programme continues to be varied and interesting for the children. However, no child will be pushed into doing anything they do not wish to do. The aim of the nursery at all times is to provide a caring and homely atmosphere for the children in our care: we are not a school. The happiness of our children is our number one aim and if we can stimulate them educationally, that is an added bonus.


The nursery building is a new development specially designed to promote a cosy and inviting environment for young children and to give them a home from home feel. We are located a mile away from the main road, and in the heart of the countryside - it offers children safety in a country setting.


The nursery is registered with the CSSIW and licensed for 19 children, 12 under two years and 7 over two.

It includes the following amenities: -

  • baby play room
  • sleep room
  • toddler play room
  • sensory room
  • outdoor play area with safety flooring
  • kitchen
  • childrens toilets
  • staff room
  • office
  • disabled toilet

Safety and Security

We have a secure door entry system which is in use at all times. There are a number of safety features throughout the nursery; the safety and security of 'our' children is of paramount importance. The nursery is also fitted with a full fire system, approved by the fire officer.

All of our staff are fully DBS checked.

All our vehicles are fitted with secure and age appropriate car seats.

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