We have a full range of activities planned for each day. These are followed in a relaxed manner due to the tender age of the children in our care. The idea behind this is to ensure that we cover the six areas of learning properly and that the activity programme continues to be varied and interesting for the children. However, no child will be pushed into doing anything they do not wish to do. The aim of the nursery at all times is to provide a caring and homely atmosphere for the children in our care: we are not a school. The happiness of our children is our number one aim and if we can stimulate them educationally, that is an added bonus.


Daily Reports

While your child is at Ysgubor Fach you will receive a book giving you a detailed account of your child's day at the nursery. This will include things such as what they have eaten, when they have slept (if they have slept at all), what they have done and anything else of interest. These books will be filled in every day. This will help you feel involved in your child's day and allws you to chat to your child about their time at the nursery.

However, this is a back up system. We like to speak to you each afternoon and to share your child's day. But sometimes parents are in a hurry or arrive at a particularly busy time when it is not possible to speak to you. Ths is when the books are of vital importance. They are also a lovely keepsake for the future to look back on your child's time at the nursery.


Ysgubor fach is a bilingual nursery. Most of our staff are fluent in Welsh speaking and we will introduce basic Welsh to the children in everything we do.

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